"SIKO precision turnery tools are known internationally for their efficient and economic functioning and quality."
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The precision turnery saw blade

The precision turnery saw blade is used for CNC lathes with saw unit for wood processing. For example for the following machine brands: Intorex TMC and TMK, Hemco HKS, Hempel CKE, Zuckermann HIT.

Areas of application include the processing of wooden turned parts such as balusters, pillars, table and chair bases and similar made of European and exotic woods.

It is also perfectly suited for larger profile depths. Since it causes low vibration, a splinter-free surface quality is achieved. Due to a special design, the turnery saw blade with 64 teeth can be used not only for shaping wood round but also for square milling or channelling. The 90 teeth design, however, can only be used for shaping wood round.

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The SIKO precision turnery saw blade is equipped with carbide and is made with a special tooth design using special steel. The three-piece set includes a pre-cutting blade, a main cutting blade and a pressure plate as stiffener or for optimum stability. These three parts are screwed together.

The 90 teeth design is manufactured with tip angles of 53° and 70°. Both designs allow for low-vibration work at minimum power of the machine even if larger profile depths are cut in one run. The additional positive effect is low power consumption.

SIKO precision turnery tools are known internationally for their efficient and economic functioning and quality.

The benefits at a glance

  • No set-up time since no tool change is required for square milling or channelling
  • Large profile depth in one run
  • Low vibration and smooth running (ensures better surface quality)
  • Low machine power required (only slight deflection of the ammeter display) therefore less power consumption
  • Tools can be reground

Technical specs

For turnery, milling of square and fluting

350 064* 350606470°6/11/170

For turnery only

350 090-53350609053°6/11/170
350 090-70*350609070°6/11/170
500 1285008012870°6/11/200
d=boresize mm
a=point angle
*=standard execution


The SIKO TCT-Precision turnery saw blade in use:

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